12 Mindfulness Meditation Tips and Tools

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Mindfulness Meditation Tips

Some mindfulness meditation tips that can make meditation effective include:

  • Setting a timer helps keep track of time.
  • Initially, meditate for 10 minutes and gradually increase but don’t push yourself beyond your comfort point.
  • Starting with Yoga or some stretching exercise will stimulate blood flow to the mind. This will activate your senses that will enhance meditating.
  • Practice meditation regularly.
  • Try to look in yourself. Try to find answers from yourself. For example, when you are angry, question yourself “why are you angry?” Most of the answers lie within ourselves, we just had to discover it.
  • Close your eyes and imagine your body and your mind.
  • Get used to the environment. This will help you focus better.
  • Practice this without distractions from electronic gadgets.
  • Never give up
  • It is not a miracle, magic happens with time.
  • Don’t judge, just observe yourself.
  • As meditation ends, slowly open your eyes.
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More apps, podcasts, subscriptions, or tips

1. Knowledge

Precise knowledge is important to meditate. That can be obtained from google search as it is a world of knowledge. YouTube channels such as Meditation Relax Music and Meditation and Healing are few options to look for while meditating. They enlighten you with techniques and steps to meditate with perfection. Moreover, it is easier to track time with YouTube videos. These helped me get started. Mantras can be one way of meditating.


You can enhance your meditation routine by adding Hemisync Music in your mindfulness routine. Research showed that it can stimulate your brain quickly than other ways of meditating. A sense of positivity and stableness start appearing in your daily life. Factually, you will not feel any change in one hour or after many practices, but after one year, when you analyze your life, you will see that your life has changed drastically. Success and happiness are part of your present life. Also, there is free software available to generate your voice. Pre-programmed voices are already available for the users. Moreover, MP3 and CDs are available in the market that helps you synchronize your thoughts. Programs such as Holosync are available but they are too expensive.

3. Podcasts

Not to be missed, podcasts are a helpful way of effective meditation. Various podcasts are available on YouTube.


Lastly, mindfulness does not limit to Yoga, walking meditation or eating mindfulness. For most people, it can vary. Some extroverts may feel that talking to others is keeping them in their present. Some may consider playing the guitar or taking pictures is a great way to live in your today. So, whatever keeps your mind, body, and soul in your present and enjoy it to fullest, is your way of meditating, keeps their past depression and future worries away. It is important to focus on the task that you are performing. Not only you will excel that task but also live a happier and healthier life.



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