3 Supernatural Powers You Need To Create A Magical Manifestation

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We are not just ordinary beings that fell into this planet. We are intelligent, understanding and aware beings that have evolved through time and space with the creation of the universe. We are filled with supernatural powers that we are not even aware of anymore, since human beings have forgotten their power of belief in these matters. Here, we talk about your supernatural powers of magical manifestation and how the word magic works during manifestation.

First let’s talk about some misconceptions of Magical Manifestation:

Magic known today defines illusion, a performing art in which audiences are entertained by tricks, effects, superficially impossible acts, using natural means. But the true meaning of magic withstands, “the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.”

Manifesting your goals and desires fall into this magical category and apparently manifest having supernatural powers. People seems to fall into questions of what these supernatural powers are? How does manifestation work? Is manifestation dangerous if you’re playing with magic? Is it bad for you? We seem to forget the evolution of human beings come from primitive beings or those beings evolving from a smaller organism or those organisms developing from single cellular organisms, or those cells made up of atoms and subatomic particles and so on. Whatever we are today, we are the manifestation of who we were in the past and what we have desired to become consciously. So, is manifestation a sin? No, it just a way of life as long as you are manifesting something positive.

You are consciously or unconsciously manifesting every moment. It’s just that you are manifesting good things and bad things at the same time. Every day you manifest, you evolve. That’s how the evolution of the universe continues.

Let’s start with an example of a mango tree. When we plant the seed of a mango tree, it manifests only the things from the soil, the air and water necessary to form a mango tree and mangoes. With the same soil, air and water an apple seed only manifests an apple tree. So the cultivation of two different seeds on the same soil produces completely two different trees and fruits.

Do we doubt this manifestation and call this an unexplained supernatural power? So why doubt yourself when you say you can magically manifest anything? The core strength is believing yourself it can happen. Like the seed of any fruit, you are still yet to evolve into and who you want to be. You need to cultivate yourself with the right motivation, right action and right intention to be who you want to become. Doubt is only a liability. Doubt creates a lot of loss in building the right mindset. If you truly believe in becoming who you want to be like the evolution that has been happening and creating miracles for billions of years, you will be able to create miracles in your life.

What are the supernatural powers you have to create a magical manifestation?

  1. Your Senses

You have consciously developed your senses to become aware of what you want. You have the ability to know what you want and desire through your sight, through your smell, through listening or by tasting or the feeling of it. So use your senses and absorb the sensations that comes in through your senses in knowing what you want. It will create a massive impact in your body when you start observing your desires through your senses. Have a clear picture of exactly what you want.

For example: If you are looking for some extra money to gift someone you love. Think about how the money would look in your wallet or your account. Think about the reaction of your loved one while receiving that gesture. You listening to the sounds of happiness and you watching the smile on your loved one’s face. Try to go through every detail there is, so that you create a reality in your mind with all your active senses feeling it before it becomes a reality.

The universe tends to project what’s on your mind into reality if you really desire it and believe it to become a true. Like a digital model created of a building before it’s called into construction. Create a model of what you want to become in your mind. The universe is the best engineer that builds these dreams. It has built everything we have today. It all started with the seeds of thought in people’s mind, which was cultivated properly and manifested into everything that is possible today.

2. Belief

Having belief as a supernatural power is what takes your motivations to work for your goals. Skeptical people are never successful people, but people who are curious in learning what’s beyond the skepticism are the ones who make ground breaking achievements.

Science has stated that matter and energy are the one and the same. Matter is the stuff that everything is made of and energy is a property that matter has. The same amount matter can have different amounts of energy and so represent different states of matter. So energy and matter are really the same thing. Completely interchangeable. Although energy and mass are related through special relativity, mass and space are related through general relativity. Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that if we put our energy into a thought or a desire, it will in time turn into matter. With this we understanding we need to keep our beliefs high and use it as a power to make manifestation work.

3. Program your mind

There are many ways of programming your mind. People have mind programming hacks like hypnosis where your mind is programmed instantly by giving suggestions. These suggestions work in such a way while your conscious mind senses (and procrastinates a lot) are in a state of heightened awareness and you believe everything that’s happening around you is real. This might be the ultimate programming tool for people, but remember that you need to learn how to do it consciously. You are the master of your own mind. So, since programming your mind is possible, it is possible to create a mind that has endless possibilities. The best way to program your mind is by writing your desires down, reading it and try experiencing it with feeling with all your senses as if it’s real, believing in it and let the universe do its work to bring it to reality. Remember, repetition is key.

Now you have demystified the supernatural powers within you, start creating your magical manifestation today. You have control over a huge power. Why not start using it?

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