5 Lessons I Learned From Success

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4 min readDec 26, 2020

Many individuals struggle to define what success means to them and many have no idea how to achieve it. There is no right or wrong way to define success because the definition of success has to be personal to the person who is trying to achieve it. It is best to define success in your own words.

For many people defining the concept of success means different things. However, it still boils down to doing the right thing, or the successful thing, whatever defines you as successful. Success is the doing, nothing more, and not the final outcome. Here’s 5 definitions of success you should take into consideration for your life.

  1. Success is about perseverance.

Perseverance creates grit through constant testing of our abilities to achieve our goals. Success can only be achieved when you continually strive at all levels of what you do, whether that does not result in major results. If you have done all you can, you should still feel proud of your efforts even if those efforts do not result in success. Only by testing your abilities and overcoming obstacles can success truly be achieved.

Perseverance also includes having the ability to deal with adversity. Adversity is something we all experience in our life. It is a part of life, but whenever it becomes overwhelming and stops us from continuing on our desired path we must do what we can to overcome the setback and continue moving forward. We must persevere and never give up. Perseverance is the key to success. Perseverance creates grit which is the driving force for success.

2. Success is about celebrating small wins

Small wins add up over time. The more you focus on improving those habits the more likely you are to experience success. Some examples of habits to develop include enjoying the work you do and celebrating the small wins that come along. Celebrating success in this way helps you celebrate the hard work you put in and you’ll enjoy the journey.

3. Success is about learning something new daily

There are great opportunities out there for the dedicated person who is willing to take the initiative and learn something new every single day. There are also many people learning everyday to achieve the same goal. Whether it be online, by reading a book, attending a seminar, or by participating in an event, the key to having success is learning and applying new knowledge consistently.

4. Success is about being able to overcome fear

If you’re goal obsessed, you’re not afraid to set goals. You overcome fear. You visualize your goals and push through the hindrances. You know exactly what you want and head for it.

When you have goals and overcoming fear, what are the forces that keep you motivated? The answers are: The Law of Attraction and The Law of Success. The law of attraction states that whatever you focus on will come to you. In other words, if you focus on overcoming fear and seeing your goals as if they already happened, then your success naturally happens. You’re following the laws of attraction, so this just goes to show how powerful these forces really are.

5. Learn How To Say No

Have Priorities. Prioritize. A successful person knows exactly what he wants to achieve and has clear understandings about what’s important versus what’s not. Self-directing is also an essential ingredient for success, as you won’t be able to succeed if you let your emotions rule your actions.

Achieving success in life means having a life that you are very passionate about. In order to obtain a successful balance in your personal life and professional life, identify your passions and pursue them intensely. You must accept the fact that all good things in life come with a lot of work, dedication, and sacrifices. It’s amazing how a balanced life with a high degree of success can make a person feel alive and energized and how a person can look forward to new challenges and opportunities every day.

Final takeaway

What is success in life is truly up to your definition. If you are happy and being loved, you are probably on the right path so keep it up!

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