5 Luck And Hard Work Rules For Success

1. Develop Good Habits

A lot of people consider themselves to have bad luck because they aren’t at the right place at the right time. If you have bad habits and are at the wrong places, there is a high chance that something that isn’t good might happen to you. You can be sad and mope around saying you have bad luck, but the chances might be that you just had bad habits that made you end up at the wrong places.

2. Show Compassion to Everyone

Kindness makes you beautiful, no matter what you look like. It can make a bad day good, and a good day even better. Kind people always receive good luck and success. First of all, being kind to others will make you feel much happier about yourself. Studies have shown that kindness has real psychoactive benefits, such as people who spent more of their income on others were markedly happier than those who spent more of their income on themselves.

3. Making Smart Decision

Successful people take luck into their own hands rather than relying on their hopes and dreams in the unreliable hands of luck. If you work hard, believe you can do it, visualize and push yourself harder than anyone else, then you probably might be taking the hard way. If you learn to speed up the process, then you can speed up the progress. You need to learn how to hack the path and make smart cuts, like adopting habits of the masters, using failure to push you forward, build on things that already exist, become someone who knows how to take opportunities and catch waves and plunge into momentum.

4. Learn to Let Go

What does luck have to do with learning to let go? Learning the art of letting go is the answer to living a fulfilling and productive life. Since the existence of the universe arises from manifestations of our desires, we need to know that we are always receiving and becoming who we are from our minds. Once we let go of the past and stop thinking about the future, we learn to live in the present. There is a saying, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why we call it The Present.”

5. Manifestation

Luck is an outcome of your thoughts manifesting into reality. Like we discussed before, luck comes without discriminating if it’s good or bad, so does manifestation. So therefore it’s best to keep your thoughts positive for success. When your mind and thoughts form a chain reaction, it comes to you without expectation which you mostly call luck. We call it luck because it comes during an unexpected time and place, but in reality, it’s a manifestation of your mind and thoughts.



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