7 Best Facts That Have Been Proven True To Motivate You In Achieving Your Goals

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6 min readAug 9, 2021

These days, motivation is everywhere. If you want to ask, “What keeps you motivated to achieve your goals?” There are countless books, videos, audios, influencers giving advice and suggestions on what keeps you motivated to reach your goals in life. It’s not the lack of motivation that is the problem, it’s the difficulty in maintaining your enthusiasm during your struggles and drawbacks. This is an issue especially when you have big dreams that need unrelenting effort to achieve your goals. So ask yourself first before we continue discussing different ways on how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals, “are the goals you want to achieve the ones that get your fired up?” “How do you see yourself in the future that excites you to get up every day in the morning to start working on reaching your goals?”

If you have asked these questions to yourself and you have the answer, you probably have decided if you want to continue reading this article or not. Most probably you would. So let’s get into the 7 best facts that have been proven true to motivate you in achieving your goals.

  1. Remember your reasons

We’re all humans after all, inevitably we falter from time to time. During these times it best to remember your reasons. Ask yourself, “why did I begin dreaming this in the first place?”

If you remember the reasons that once got you fired up, it will definitely do the same now too. Re-examine the definition of the movement you’ve taken with your end goal in mind. Once you brought back “the reason” you will relearn to value of the definition of success to keep yourself motivated.

2. Create a group of like-minded people

Surrounding yourself with people who are in the same path as you are is a vital element to keep you going. There are times when you feel no progress and start losing hope, but understand there are many people who are in the same track as you are, going through the same situations and problems. Communicate with them, gather inspirations from them and keep your hopes up.

Similarly, you would want to do the same for others too. It’s all about giving and receiving. At times when you can’t find motivation yourself, you might find it in someone else. It’s important to grow together. When you are motivated and excited about pursuing your dreams, you’ll attract other people who have the same values and interests.

3. Start by doing the task for at least for 10 minutes?

While we’re procrastinating and feeling lazy at times, you just need a little push in the beginning. Doing a task for at least 10 minutes gets you into the flow of continuing the task. You probably have experienced this before, maybe with a bad habit. Let’s take an example of a person who used to smoke and had quit for some time. The moment that person has that one cigarette, it creates a sequence and the person is most likely to continue smoking again. Being aware of this wrong habit, why not use this little hack for your benefit?

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4. Create an environment

Every day you are without motivation, surround yourself by creating an environment which triggers an automatic motivation response. Make it easier for yourself to do simple tasks like forming a routine, having a to-do list which will lead you automatically in working on what you should be doing. This way you won’t need to create that extra effort every day trying to figure out how to start.

5. Find inspirations and mentors

We all grew up having inspirations from successful people. Try copying habits of people who have made it with their goals. Everyone started somewhere to begin with and have their own stories. These days there are many books and autobiographies of successful people, why not engross them and use it to your advantage? Doing this can become really effective for you to take the right decisions and the right turns in your path, since you have a guide of highly effective people those have faced similar problems and resolved them by trial and error.

It is also very important to search for someone who can mentor you along the way. Successful people are very helpful people; they are who they are because they know the value of helping those who are in need of good advice. So don’t hesitate to ask. You know the saying, “ask and it is given.” People often mistaken this for asking rich people for money or exposure, but what you really need is good education. Education is more important than anything and who better to ask than someone who has already walked the path you have. But remember the path is still yours to walk.

6. Motivate by Manifesting

You’ve heard about manifestation and the different techniques for manifesting anything in life. Choosing the best ways to manifest your desires is making the smarter move. So how does this motivate you? When you’re manifesting your goals and using techniques such as writing down your goals, visualization, gratitude, you are already applying proven methods that make you an improved person. A person who is willing to improve themselves is already highly motivated. So fix a time apart every day to apply your manifestation techniques, the results come to you in an instance by becoming highly motivated.

7. Take care of your health

People who are sick don’t have any motivation. The only thing they can think about is about their sickness. Imagine waking up and wanting to work for your dreams but your health comes in the way. You drag yourself through the day half minded and hard to concentrate. What good is that, no matter how ambitious you are? It all comes down to maintaining proper health. So take the time to evaluate your health. The best performers are the ones with the best health. There are many successful people who have reached many milestones in life that are drawn back with bad health. Even reaching their accomplishments they haven’t been able to enjoy their success. Will that be something you would look forward to, to stay motivated? If in the end all your effort were not worth treasuring because you couldn’t relish it of bad health? So look into your well-being and stay in track.

Our life is made up of accumulated desires beginning from nothingness to everything we are today. Motivation is vital to continue to whoever we are to become. So let’s consider these 7 facts into practice and be able to truly create the best of us.

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