8 Ideas of Money Prayers That Work

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5 min readJan 24, 2021

I don’t believe that there is anyone who has not experienced financial difficulties at some point. Most of us have lived to wish that a miracle happens and they wake up being a millionaire after winning a lottery. However, how can this often happen? And how many people can they experience this? It is not easy. We are usually living is a society whereby debt in the norm, and we are constantly anticipating for some miracle that can rescue us from our financial difficulties. Prayer works, and we should be able to pray to God that he provides us with financial resources that can enhance our lives. I will provide 8 ideas of money prayers that are effective.

  1. Request for Money Through Prayer

You should consider asking God to help you deal with your financial requirements. When you pray in groups, your prayers become stronger and possess a greater impact in terms of the results. Just pray to God for a financial miracle. Tell Him that your problems for money seem to persist.

You can say this prayer: “God, kindly help me and everyone out there who are struggling to meet their financial needs and have heavy loads of debt in addition to many bills they ought to pay. Help us as soon as you may deem necessary, and grant us an abundance of good luck and money. We that you for blessing us”. Just remember that you are not alone in facing the financial challenges, you should also pray for others as well.

2. Prayer for Elimination of Your Debts

You may be earning a substantial amount of money, but the debts you have are eating into your income such that you continue ending up in more debts and greater financial struggles. For this reason, you should ask God to grant you a miracle that helps you in getting rid of your debts.

Admit to God that you have made mistakes that have led you into the debts, and that you really need his intervention in overcoming them. Praying for a financial miracle that gets you out of date is a big step towards seeing value in your earnings, and eventually, get into financial freedom.

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3. Pray for Contentment

We may never get enough if we are not contented with what we have. Pray to God so that you have contentment with whatever little or much you have so that we create happiness and joy in our hearts no matter the challenges. This gives us the chance to embrace situations and hope for a better tomorrow that is filled with abundance.

4. Pray for Change of Heart

You may be earning good money and have minimal debts and bills to settle, but you do not actually understand how you end up lacking money. Some of the financial challenges we face are perpetrated by the negative things we have in our hearts such as impulsivity, selfishness, and greed.

If you are leading a consumerism life whereby you want to have everything for yourself, you may face a challenge of discontentment, which will get you into a constant problem of lacking money. For this reason, consider asking God to give you a good heart that is selfless and is willing to share with others no matter how little you have. This way, God will always grant you financial miracles and favors because He is sure that when you get you to help others too.

5. Pray for Confidence

Regardless of how much you earn, if you do not have confidence in what you have you will always face financial difficulties. If you are always spending money with an aim of impressing others, then you are probably going to engage in activities that will make you acquire items such as big houses and cars, which will probably get you into debts and greater financial struggles.

You should, therefore, pray to God that he gives you confidence so that you are contented with what you have like a smaller car and a house that does not expose you to living beyond your means.

6. Pray for a Generous Heart

Greed is something that compromises how we related to others in society. It may also kill our peace and joy, in addition to dulling our spiritual ears, thus leading to a drastic hindrance to the way we intimately interact with God. There is a great likelihood that if we are holding what God has given us.

For this reason, it will be completely inappropriate if God can give some material and financial possessions that to us, then all we can do is gratify personal desires without considering those around us. If you share more with a generous us, you will gain more from God.

7. Pray for Perseverance

As humans, we are facing constant challenges in terms of creating budgets that can work. This means that we may usually feel impossible to live on the basis of our tight budgets, particularly when we seek to get rid of perennial debts. We should, therefore, pray to God so that we change your spending habits based on our financial constraints.

Consider establishing long-term goals and work towards them. Pray to God so that He gives you the strength of persevering through difficult moments, and you may actually realize that you have abundance in the long-run.

8. Pray for Financial Wisdom

No matter how much money you have at your disposal, if you do not have the wisdom that guides on how to spend it, then you will never be financially free. Pray to God that you do not have greed for money, which has the potential of entrapping your heart so that you pursue things that are not pleasing to Him. Pray to God so that you may utilize your financial resources in a proper manner while helping others achieve their financial goals.

Today, the world is experiencing an unstable economy and unanticipated inflation, which implies that money is an aspect of constant concern in our lives. Although we may not have material finances, there is a way we can live with what we have so that we feel like we are actually wealthy.


You do not have to be the richest in the world for you to be satisfied. True wealth is in your heart. How generous are you? Are you content with what you have? Are you confident that what you have can give you satisfaction? Ask yourself these questions and you will know the worth of money in your life. The ideas I have provided will guide you in knowing what to do when you are praying for money.

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