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You can only find these money attraction ways inside this article!

I understand that money is important and so everyone wants to find unique ways to attract money in our lives. Yet, the normal equation of just working hard, and not giving up tend to yield miserable results. We are still stuck in the same poverty cycle, as we did before. So it seems that the notion ‘how to attract money’ is a difficult endeavour.

Does this all sound too familiar? If this is your current situation, then hear out some of the more unique ways to attract money fast, so that you can get the life you desire. This is not a miracle blue or red pill, but I tend to practice some of them in my life. In the long term, I find that things tend to work out using some of these methods. Here’s 8 ways on how to attract money as unique as we can.

Note: Hard work must still be put in, just that your hard work will be rewarded as you continue to attract money fast.

  1. Listen to wealth guided meditation audio

Wealth guided meditation is a great way to attract money in our lives. The benefits of meditation are manifold — relax and clear your mind, while manifesting money. Over time, your ‘money’ senses will come to life and solutions tend to come to you in unexpected ways.

Initially, I would go to YouTube and view those guided wealth meditation. However, they were usually very draggy and time-consuming. Either that, or the meditation is very broad in terms of techniques. Hence, I decided to create my very own wealth audio meditation soundtrack. I have been using it for a year now, and I decide that it is time to give this away for free. You can get this from the optin box below!

Download Wealth Guided Meditation MP3 Here

2. Read 28 Universal Laws of Success ebook

Do you believe in the law of attraction? Well, I am not sure if your answer is yes or no, but I wanted to give you a heads up that the law of attraction is only one out of the 28 universal laws of success. To preach the law of attraction as the only way to attract money and success in your life is dangerous, because we are now falling into the ‘one size fit all’ notion. I do not want to sound like I am preaching the book that I have written, but this is one complete research on success laws that I would like the world to have. I wish to let people know that there are many ways to attract money and success in your life. If you are interested to read this for free, do opt in our email newsletter. Appreciate if you could share this with the world for me.

28 Universal Laws Of Success Download

3. Change your limiting wealth beliefs

Do you believe that you deserve to be rich? Why am I asking this question?

The answer to this question will eventually determine your fate. If you think that a million dollars is a lot to you, then think bigger. You only become rich when you think you deserve to be rich. By changing your mindset, your actions and behaviour will start to change, and sooner or later attract money into your life.

At the end of the day, money is actually infinite in today’s context, and is nothing but digital numbers in your bank account. In the bigger picture, money is a game. Therefore, you need to strategise in order to win big. That’s it. Anyone can be rich; you don’t have to be born rich.

4. Study about your Astrology

Whenever I see a successful person who said that they are self-made, I would roll my eyes in despair. Why? Because almost everyone needs the help somewhere. The chances are, with some luck, they found the right mentor to push them towards the path of success. In fact, I strongly believe finding the right path is important, because the other thing left to do is to continue the momentum and not giving up.

Here’s my astrology in relation to money. [Cancer Sign]

“People born in the period of cancer should have a ‘Leo’ approach to money. Firstly, they need to have the highest integrity and morals to make money or the outcome will be short lived. They should also be consistent like the Sun and never give up. Take the initiative to find the opportunities and money will be attracted to you. The more generous they are, the more money they will attract, just like the Sun, always giving but never draining out.”

5. Read up on numerology

Numerology is very interesting, so much so that I decided to write an article titled “Numerology secrets — a guide to success”. In short, numerology does the same thing with astrology, only that it deals with numbers. If you are very sensitive to numbers, perhaps numerology is more suitable for you. If you are looking for a free numerology report, I can help you with that.

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6. Strive to expand your network

There is a saying, your net worth is dependent on your network and I personally feel that the best investment of your time is to network with people because it is the people you know that can potentially bring you far. Networking could be your key to attracting wealth! You just never know.

7. Use feng shui for wealth

The art of feng shui is a Chinese equivalent for astrology/numerology in my opinion. Some of the feng shui products that are popular include feng shui plant, feng shui fish, as well as feng shui coins. To my non-chinese readers, this might be something that you can look into. One feng shui tip is that it is wiser to consult a genuine feng shui master, because owning the item itself is not enough. It has to be placed at the right location and for the right purpose for it to attract money in your life.

8. Donate money to those in need

This may seem ironic. Why would donating money attract money into our life? For those who believe in karma, they will know that when you give blessing to others, the blessing back to you comes back ten-fold. So do as much good deeds as you can. Everything matters.

Do try out these 8 unique ways of attracting wealth into your life. If you haven’t sign up for my newsletter, please do. I will be giving away a lot of useful materials for you to succeed in your life.



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