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3 min readDec 4, 2020

Everybody wants to end up successful in life. Often we base success on what we see on social media and the television: the new iPhone, the perfect curvy or muscular physique, laying down a pile of money, or getting a million followers on Instagram. However, we fail to realize that success does not come in one visual only, and most of all, it doesn’t come from inconsistent things.

Are you sure these people you idolize are the definition of successful? Can your deepest desires really be satisfied by upgrading smartphones every new release? Is your ultimate goal going to be realized when you keep chasing things that won’t matter in a few months? Probably not.

So how exactly should we define success?

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Success is an Attitude You Build to Live a Life Driven Solely By You

Success is not based on monetary value, but to have a stable and capable financial status can be one of the goals that would lead to success.

Even celebrities definition of success doesn’t tackle material belongings; instead, they have two common factors; dedication and fulfillment.

You yearn for it, walk towards it, and claim it when the time comes with no excuses. It won’t matter how long or difficult the journey is. What matters is every step taken towards it and the satisfaction you gain.

However, before you can actually start planning your journey, you must first have a definite answer to this question: How to define success for yourself?

Define your Own Success by Knowing your Purpose

The simple definition of success is that it is the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose, and because every one of us serves unique purposes, one’s success is not identical to another. This is just like how Oprah Winfrey’s definition of success in life is: Work on being significant instead of successful, and success will naturally follow suit.

Figure out your purpose by looking for what makes you genuinely happy without regard to societal standards, family preferences, and what makes the most cash. From that, draw out what is a good definition of success for you by listing down your goals may it be short-term or long term.

My personal definition of success would be to live a fulfilling life without fear of judgment and oppression and being proud and comfortable in my own skin whilst working my way to a stable career. How about you? How do you define success?

Don’t Wait for a Sign

If you now have a solid idea of what goals to achieve to consider yourself successful, then get started immediately. Worrying about what-ifs and comparing your journey with others will not bring you any closer to achieving your goals. Whether the goals you’ve set for now is to survive another day or to finish a project proposal, as long as it gives you genuine happiness, then it is worth recognizing.

To learn more about success and how to obtain it, you can start your journey with the 28 universal laws of success. After all, the only way to be a step closer to your definition of successful is to begin.

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